July 2018 Monthly Report







17-18 July 2018:

Master Craig Stanley and Mrs. Theresa Stanley hosted Master Michael Munyon, ITF HQ North America Regional Representative for a 2 day HapKiDo/Self-Defense seminar at their St. Albert dojang located in Edmonton, Canada. Approximately 60 students attended this event and learned various concepts, tactics and application of technique and movements found in HapKiDo. Master Michael Munyon presented Master and Mrs. Stanley a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee. Masters, black belts and students alike enjoyed this training and it is hoped that Master Munyon will return for a follow up seminar this year.


27 July 2018:

Master Michael Munyon was hosted at Greek Town Casino in Detroit Michigan to conduct a Security/Safety seminar for 35 personnel working in the Real Estate industry. Topics included the following:

  • Safety in the Office
  • Pre-Attack Indicators
  • Use of Force Options
  • Tools for self-defense and more.

28 July 2018:

Master Michael will be conducting a Police Defensive Tactics seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. This training session covered Use of Force options, control, escort and take down tactics utilized by United States Law Enforcement agencies. Additionally, Master Michael Munyon will be inducted into his 4th Martial Arts Hall of Fame. The Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame inducted and honored him for his many years of martial arts service to both the civilian and military communities, tournament achievements and work within the Korean Martial Arts.