International Instructor Course

This course is usually a 20 hour course and consists of the training necessary to become an Internationally recognized ITF HQ-USA Instructor. The International Instructor/Examiner qualification is only available to 4th Degree black belts and above and entitles them to examine candidates up to a certain rank dependent on the rank of the examiner. The course may also be utilised by candidates at a lower rank than 4th degree as a training tool to learn how to teach students and prepare them for examination.

The course generally consists of the teaching of Fundamental movements, TUL (patterns), step sparring, self defense and the bio mechanics of Taekwon-Do. It is taught by the Technical committee of ITF HQ-USA and is the premier teaching and training tool of ITF HQ-USA. It has an accreditation tool at the end of the course to assess candidates for International Instructor/Examiner status.

 For Masters 

Certificated Taekwon-Do Masters who are members of ITF Headquarters-USA are allowed to organize an International Instructor course as a sanctioned event upon previous approval from the HQ. To gain approval for an IIC course Masters should contact ITF HQ Administration on [email protected].

 For Practitioners 

If you want to participate in the international course organized by the ITF Headquarters-USA, please search our events calendar. If there is no current course in your country, you can contact ITF HQ administration on [email protected]

Note: This Course provides International Instructor/Examiner status to successful candidates who hold the rank of 4th degree or above ! All participants will receive a certificate of participation in the course.